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Privacy Policy

Mortgage Architects Privacy Policy

Mortgage Architects values your personal information and we have adopted the following policy on how your personal information is used and maintained.

  1. We collect, use and disclose your personal information for a variety of reasons: (i) to identify you and verify any information you provide us (ii) to assess your creditworthiness and eligibility for products and services (iii) to recommend particular products and services that may be of interest to you (iv) to present your mortgage application to various lenders and insurers for the purposes of securing and/or renewing a mortgage and/or related service (v) to maintain our client relationship with you so we may serve you better.

  2. You understand that Mortgage Architects maintains its own file containing your personal information.

  3. Your file will be kept physically at the office of your independent mortgage planner with Mortgage Architects until a loan/mortgage is funded, after which, it is scanned and sent to a Mortgage Architects corporate or licensed office for compliance review and then electronically stored on the secure Mortgage Architects computer systems. Your file will also be subject to the privacy policy of the lender that funds your mortgage review and storage, and electronically on Mortgage Architects computer systems. Your file will also be subject to the privacy policy of the lender that funds your mortgage.

  4. While at Mortgage Architects the access to your file is restricted to personnel on a need to know basis. Our personnel is required to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information and privacy. We have systems in place which safeguards your personal information and prevents unauthorized access.

  5. Other than as provided under this privacy policy we do not share your personal information without your authorization or when permitted or required by law.

  6. You will have access to your personal information upon request and you may challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and such information will be amended as appropriate.

  7. If you have any concerns about our privacy policy or require additional information, please contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at 1-877-802-9100.






About the founder

Monty Sands specializes in Commercial and Residential financing and partners with clients to help them purchase, refinance, or construct properties. Monty often dubbed by clients as a "straight shooter" and he credits this approach for the countless successful financing transactions he has closed. Over the years, Monty has fostered strong relationships with developers and can offer preferred pricing for pre-construction condos. Monty has a very well established business and reputation and is very well connected with reputable industry participants across Canada which ultimately benefits clients. With one of the highest peer reviews across multiple industries; Monty Sands grew to fame in the lending market through his experience as a top mortgage consultant and has won various industry awards as a result of his management and leadership skills. In his second and third year of business, Monty helped hundreds of financially struggling income earners become homeowners. He accomplished this by sharing his personal real-estate investment strategies with his clientele, and secured unique mortgage solutions for many of Toronto’s highest income earners. Whether by way of Small Business Loan (SBL) or private funds, Monty and his team have financed several new and existing businesses in the GTA and across Canada as a direct result of the mutual trust built with his key banking relationships developed over the past ten years. After working twelve years as a sales and marketing consultant to help position companies for quick and profitable acquisition, Monty was asked to head up Sales and Marketing at an I.T. Security Management Company based out of Toronto where he later earned his title of Chief Marketing Officer. It was not long before Monty applied his sales and marketing skills to the lending industry. With no mortgage experience Monty was charged with fulfilling the lending needs of a major downtown real-estate brokerage. He became their in-house broker licensed under Mortgage Alliance, a large mortgage company. It was not long before he was identified as a top-producer and was subsequently recruited into an elite downtown team by a top recruiter at Invis (Canada´s largest Independent Mortgage Broker). In his first year, Monty was ranked #1 in the downtown Toronto region (based on dollars lent). In subsequent years he made the top ten and made the transition into his own office servicing the needs of his top referral sources such as his existing clients, agents, senior insurance brokers, accountants and lawyers. His confident leadership and sales style gave him a reputation of being the go-to person for all lending needs. Before long, Monty realized that his skills were best utilized bringing in business and networking with his contacts, so he incorporated and hired a team to meet his increasing administration needs. Monty also hired and coached other individuals on how to generate business using his proven method. Today these individuals are successful income earners and some continue to work for Monty. Clients will attest to his professionalism and expertise. There is no denying that Monty Sands is an exceptional business person. His management ideas, leadership and coaching skills are both admired and often emulated by his associates and colleagues in the industry. He makes time to give back to the community by volunteering his time at various organizations that help individuals who are seeking to “get their lives back on track”. Directing the same coaching and leadership skills to these individuals, they are able to re-emerge successful and often help others through what they learned. Monty Sands values the individual and what he or she can accomplish, and the cycle created through his work is often dubbed “Sustainable Success”. Charbel Cheaib, CA

Private 1 on 1 coaching with Monty Sands:  1000/hr (max 5 sessions)