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“The Broker’s Broker” – We provide solutions to high level, complex and challenging mortgage cases.

  • All Credit Types Accepted
  • No Income Verification
  • Access Up to 85% Home Equity
  • Residential
  • Self-Employed
  • Construction
  • Commercial

Mortgage MatchMaker Group are The #1 Rated Refinance Experts in Toronto! Our goal is to connect you with the perfect Mortgage that fits your needs at the lowest possible rate, while also maximizing your borrowing potential.

Get The Refinance You Need In As Little As 24 Hours

established 2002

Since its inception, Mortgage MatchMaker Group (part of RMA) has been dedicated to helping Torontonians get the right mortgage at the Lowest Possible Rate! 

As independent brokers, we are not committed to any particular lender. More times than not we can offer rates and services that are more competitive than the big banks. Whether we use alternative lenders, private funds or leverage our unique relationship with banks, we will work with you and provide the best service while offering the very best rates available on the market.

With the recent construction boom in Toronto, Mortgage brokers have to understand the changing landscape of lending. With changing rates and approval requirements, we are a one stop shop for all your mortgage needs.

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Why Refinance?

Lower Interest Rate

Renovations & Home Improvement

Debt Consolidation

Lower Monthly Payments

Investment Opportunity

Home Equity Visa

Auto Financing

Business Financing

The Refinance Experts

Every Type Of Mortgage


Wanting to change your current mortgage for a different one? Then a refinance mortgage is the way to go! This is useful for reducing interest rates, decreasing monthly payments or efficiently using your property’s equity. Although, some homeowners choose to do this so they can pay it off quicker or switch to a fixed-rate loan.


Commonly, reverse mortgages are only secured on residential buildings because they allow the homeowner to access the full value of their house. Usually, they are only given to the veteran mortgage payer since a great mortgage-paying history is essential here. What’s the benefit of reverse mortgages we hear you ask? No monthly payments!

Equity Takeout

You probably know about this type of loan without knowing exactly what it’s called. With home equity takeouts, you release the equity from your property to use on other things. You can utilise this money for things like home renovations and repairs, a deposit for a second home and so much more.

Self Employed

When you apply for a self-employed mortgage, you will need to include 2 to 3 years’ worth of personal tax assessments, your actual mortgage application, proof that you are the business owner, and your personal and business credit scores. However, here at Mortgage MatchMaker, we’ve made the process so streamlined that you don’t need to do this!


Construction mortgages are there for those who want to build their own home (or possibly a vacation property). Amazingly, you only pay interest during the building period (usually) which allows you to have the maximum amount of money to pour into your dream. Then, once the build is complete, it turns into a standard mortgage.


Business owners revel in the benefits of having a commercial mortgage. Put simply, it is any loan that is placed on a property that you don’t live in. Here at Mortgage MatchMaker, we finance a lot of different types of commercial mortgages including buy to let.

Brokers, Realtors & Investors

Specialty Services

Emergency private funds available for fast closings

NO income verification, NO credit score requirements and NO hard and fast rules to mess up your deal!  NO means YES with EQUITY!

  • Lender Direct Funding – up to 85% LTV!
  • You don’t have to split your broker fees – you keep 100% of your broker fees!
  • We lend on Urban and Small Towns /Rural properties.
  • We can help with Damaged Credit – Judgments – Collections – Bankruptcies – even FORECLOSURES!
  • Flexible payments – interest only, prepaid or interest accrual options available.


How we are helping Toronto Realtors

  • Rush closings (close in 3 days)
  • Low appraisal, we will lend the difference,
  • Client about to lose a deposit, we can bridge them and then position them for a low bank rate mortgage,
  • Client-focused pricing,
  • NO income verification, NO credit score requirements and NO hard and fast rules to mess up your deal!  NO means YES with EQUITY!
  • Lender Direct Funding – up to 85% LTV!
  • We lend on Urban and Small Towns /Rural properties.
  • We can help with Damaged Credit – Judgments – Collections – Bankruptcies – even FORECLOSURES!
  • Flexible payments – interest only, prepaid or interest accrual options available.

First & Second Mortgages

We originate, underwrite and administer first & second mortgage loans throughout the term of the mortgage, which allows us to create attractive investment opportunities for our investors.

In an effort to protect investors, Toronto Mortgage Mortgage Matchmaker Group carries out due diligence by:

  • Conducting background & credit checks on the borrower
  • Sitting down with the borrower face-to-face
  • Commissioning of independent appraisals of the property
  • Visiting the property for an on on-site inspection
  • Proper LTV analysis of the deal
What Our

clients say.

"When I first went to Monty and his team for advice, I expected good results. But I was amazed and totally blown away with the FANTASTIC results that he provided me. I can honestly say that I wish I went to Monty 5 years ago when I first bought my home. I don't know how anyone can match the rates he got me. He is an expert in his field and is ethical in his practice."
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Mark J.
"Monty's team eye for detail and sense of understanding has done wonders for my clients and their families, not only in the industry of mortgage financing but also in financial planning with their future goals in mind. "
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Shanu J.
"As a realtor, having a mortgage broker that you can trust to help the transaction close smoothly and in a timely manner is a great asset. I know that I can rely on Monty to offer my real estate clients the products that best suit their needs while providing honest, dependable and professional service that has truly come to "save the day" on more than one occasion!"
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Sarah T.
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